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Q. How are SILVERETTE® cups used?

A. Simply place Silverette® over your nipples, using your bra or nursing singlet to keep them in place. For added healing power, put a few drops of breast milk in each cup at the end of each feed (not necessary if you leak a lot). They can easily be worn with breast pads in place too. Wear them until the pain/damage has resolved, or, if using them as a preventative measure, for the first 3 - 4 weeks of breastfeeding, then as needed thereafter. Keep them on day and night – except when feeding. If you leak a lot and/or have sensitive skin, you can air dry your nipples (in the sun is great!) to help combat moisture build up - please see below for more information on this). You do not need any other nipple treatments (creams, oils, lotions, etc.) - Silverette® are an all-in-one nipple aid.

Q. I leak a lot and my cups are always full of milk, is the damp environment ok for my nipples?
A. A moist environment is conducive to healing and helps to prevent cracks, tears and cuts. However, in some susceptible mothers, excessive moisture exposure can irritate the nipples and surrounding skin and potentially lead to dermatitis (uncommon but it can happen). If you are a heavy leaker or you notice your nipples are always damp, we recommend taking a break from wearing Silverette® for a few hours each day, or as needed, and letting your nipples air dry (in the sun is great!). This can help to combat excessive moisture exposure. Please exercise caution with this and monitor your nipples and surrounding skin.

Q. I have been prescribed a thrush cream from my midwife/doctor, can I still use this while using SILVERETTE®? Can I also use Lanolin or other balms?
A. If you would like to use a prescription cream or balm, use the cream/balm during the day and the cups at night (or vice versa). While it is not recommended to use other nipple care products at the same time as wearing Silverette® as this may compromise or reduce the efficacy of the product, it is your decision. Silverette are and work best as an "all-in-one" nipple aid.

Q. Are they used to prevent pain or damage from occurring?

A. Definitely! In fact, we strongly recommend that they be used from day one of your breastfeeding journey to ensure your nipples stay healthy and happy. The antimicrobial properties of silver inhibit and destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses, thus helping to prevent an infection from starting.

Q. How do I clean SILVERETTE® cups?

A. Simply rinse under cold water to remove any milk residues, as needed. If you would like to get your Silverette®'s looking like new again, place a little baking soda and water in the cups and scrub them thoroughly, top and bottom. Rinse and gently pat dry. If water is left to dry on the cups this could cause water spots. To remove these, wash gently with a mild detergent and pat dry. Do not put them in the dishwasher, boil or sterilise them, or use detergent or any other cleaning products – doing so may ruin the silver.

Q. Are they available in different sizes?

A. Yes, Silverette® are available in two sizes - original and extra large. Please see our sizing guide here to choose the right size for you. If you find that the cups dig in or are a little uncomfortable to wear for long periods, simply reduce the amount of time you wear them between feeding sessions. You will still receive the healing benefits even if you don't wear them constantly. Ensure your bra/ nursing top is not too tight. 

Q. What is 925 silver?

A. 925 silver, also known as sterling silver or solid silver, is created when pure silver is mixed with another metal, in order to make the resulting compound harder and more durable. The number 925 represents a percentage - indicating the product contains 92.5% silver. Silverette® cups contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This small amount of copper allows the cups to be molded into shape (as pure/fine silver, at 999 or 1000, is too soft to be molded).

Q. Do SILVERETTE® cups contain nickel?
A. No, Silverette® cups are nickel free.

Q. Does the efficacy of the product diminish with time?

A. No, the efficacy remains the same. They can be used again and again, with each subsequent child, and then passed on to the next generation for use.

Q. Are SILVERETTE® cups safe for me and my baby?

A. Yes, Silverette® cups are very safe for both mother and baby. No chemicals are passed onto a nursing baby while breastfeeding. Unlike other metals, such as lead and mercury, sterling silver is non-toxic to humans, especially as it is worn on the body. It is worth noting that the rare adverse effects associated with silver have been from silver allergies, or ingesting very large quantities of it over a long period of time.

Q. Are there any contraindications?

A. The only known contraindication is a silver or copper allergy, with can cause contact dermatitis. Keep in mind that almost all allergies to silver jewellery are caused by the metals that are combined (alloyed) with silver - an actual allergy to silver itself is very rare. While nickel is the primary metal that people are allergic to, copper can also cause allergies in some people. If you have a known copper or silver allergy but would like to use the cups, we recommend seeking medical advice first.

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