It's worth taking the time to read these instructions as they will ensure you get the best out of your cups.

CLEANING: Scrub with a baking soda paste before first use and to get your cups looking new again. Otherwise a simple rinse under water daily is all that is needed to keep the cups clean and remove milk residues. Sterling silver has it's own antimicrobial ("anti-bug") properties - it is self cleaning. Please do not boil, dishwash, sterilise or use other cleaning methods on the cups as this may damage them.
WEARING: Wear the cups as much as possible initially (yes, you sleep in them!). If they are uncomfortable to wear for long periods, reduce the amount of time you wear them. Ensure your bras/tops aren't too tight.
Don't worry if your cups fill with milk. In fact this is great as milk has it's own healing properties and helps to keep your nipples healthy. A moist environment also assists healing. Some mothers can be susceptible to dermatitis or thrush from excess moisture exposure. To avoid this, take a break from wearing the cups and air dry your nipples for a few hours each day, particularly if you are a heavy leaker. Please monitor your nipples and the surrounding skin and if you have any concerns, talk to your midwife or a lactation consultant.

Breastpads can be worn with the cups if you leak a lot.

A few drops of breastmilk can be expressed into the cups before you put them on (breastmilk adds to the healing powers of the cups) but it is not necessary, so don't stress if you can't express any milk into them. 

You only need to wipe your nipples before feeds if your baby doesn't like the taste of old milk (you'll notice that they will be fussy at the breast).

HOW LONG TO USE THEM FOR: When using as a preventative measure; wear consistently from birth for the first 2 - 3 weeks (pack them in your hospital bag!). After this time, if feeding is going well and you have no pain, just use as needed.

Healing existing damage; Wear the cups consistently until the pain/damage has resolved, then as needed (NB: pain beyond the first few weeks should be investigated by a lactation consultant). 

OTHER NIPPLE PRODUCTS: Using creams/balms with the cups may reduce their efficacy. If you have been prescribed a cream, use it during the day & wear the cups at night (or vice versa). Try to not let any balms/creams come into contact with the cups.