Kia ora! I'm Steph and I live in beautiful Mount Maunganui with my daughter.


Mother Nurture started back in 2017 after a really positive breastfeeding experience with my daughter - which Silverette played a huge role in. I ended up exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for two years. She didn't always have the best latch. She twisted, bit and chomped on my poor things. But despite all of this I can honestly say that breastfeeding was painless once I started the cups properly and I certainly no cracks or bleeding. If pain did creep in, it was quickly relieved by the cups. I stopped using the cups for a couple of days to see if they were actually working and my nipples started to really hurt.

There was no distributor for Silverette in NZ so I decided to bring them here. I wasn't sure how they would be received by kiwi mums, despite being a big deal overseas, but I figured that there would be at least a few mums who would benefit from them like I did. I always said that even if one vital breastfeeding relationship was saved by making these cups available, or just one mum spared the agony of painful, damaged nipples, I would be stoked. Fast forward a few years and hundreds of happy kiwi mums and it's safe to say that this has happened. I never thought I'd end up with a business in "sales" so to speak, but I'm so passionate about helping mothers to have the best possible breastfeeding experience that it really doesn't feel like I am in retail (it's just a technicality to me).

Side note - it's just me running this business. I'm the one behind all the social media, emails, orders and handwritten notes. I also work part-time as a nurse and in admin, plus I'm a busy mum to a young one, so if you get an email late at night or it takes a few days for me to reply, please bear with me. And know that when you purchase from us, you are not only supporting a small business but a small family too - so thank you.

From one mum to another – I hope you love every minute of breastfeeding like I did ♥

With light and kindness..




Steph and little one x